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THE AMERICAN ANTI-CORRUPTION INSTITUTE (AACI)      Together, Empowering Tone at the Top

Vision and Mission


Vision For Fighting Corruption From The Top


Management anti-corruption knowledge and skills prevail among management and those charged with governance as essential to their organizations’ success


Mission of the Institute


  1. To develop  and deliver anti-corruption knowledge and skills for management and those charged with governance to be essential to their organizations’ success

  2. To promote the role and value of having  management who are qualified certified anti-corruption managers (CACMs) to ensure that the CACM is recognized as essential management credential to fight fraud and corruption from top




  1. The AACI must be the primary source of management anti-corruption knowledge, know-how, and skills

  2. The AACI must generate sufficient income to be able to support its activities


Strategic Priorities 2013 - 2018


  1. Promote the value of the CACM credential effectively and achieve local and international influence

  2. Develop more effective market analysis, marketing strategy and sales functions to increase membership across identified key sectors and improve member satisfaction

  3. Improve and increase engagement  of management and those charged with governance, as key to the AACI’s success, getting more people to take our CACM qualification, contributing to the leadership and development of the Institute and as advocates for the Institute and its mission and vision

  4. Establish and maintain strategic relationship with professional and academic institutions to achieve our research goals and enhance the role of academia in fighting corruption

  5. Increase focus on customer service

  6. Build on our knowledge-based services, capitalizing on the strength of our qualification and technical support and international demand for it

  7. Sharpen our commercial focus with regard to training, tuition and partnerships to generate sufficient income to support our costs and ensure sustainability

  8. Ensure our ‘back-office’ and member management systems are up to the job of supporting our objectives and promoting our efficiency and effectiveness


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