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The AACI to start teaching sixth Royal Discussion Paper

Mike Masoud, Sr. Director, The Middle East and Africa with Petra News and Al Rai newspaper — Jordan


"Amman, August 8 (Petra) — The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) will be teaching the content of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s sixth Royal Discussion Paper: “Rule of Law and Civil State” at the universities which the AACI cooperates with globally, said Mike Masoud, senior director of The AACI in the Middle East and Africa.


He told Petra, on the sideline of Bright Jordan company delivering its Anti-Corruption certificate, that AACI considers the sixth Royal Discussion Paper as a primary anti-corruption resource in developing countries.


This Discussion Paper is a prerequisite to any effective national anti-corruption strategy”, he added.


Masoud stated that awarding this certificate for a local Jordanian company working in the healthcare sector is considered a precedent in the Middle East in terms of implementation of anti-corruption and transparency measures.


He added that Bright Jordan is an international pioneer in the field of medical protection and preservation of medical tourists’ and patients’ rights.

CEO and founder of Bright Jordan, Amid Sabri, said that Bright Jordan certification by the AACI as the first in the Middle East and North Africa region reaffirms the company’s commitment to the ethical and transparency standards within healthcare services.


He added that the core foundation of this certification is built on the principal of financial and operational transparency. Bright Jordan does not receive any fees or commissions from healthcare providers. This is essential to preserve the integrity of our professional role as a healthcare consultant providing total medical protection and achieving best results within minimum costs.


Sabri confirmed that such certification has a positive impact on the Jordanian economy through boosting trust in the local healthcare industry and promoting Jordan as a unique destination for medical tourism.


The sixth Discussion Paper was based on several principals among which: The rule of law is a foundation for effective management and eliminating nepotism or “Wasta” as the core of the civil state."


//Petra// YK

8/8/2017–04:03:01 PM


Source: Petra News Agency



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