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Research is one of the justifications of The AACI existence. The nature of corruption and its dynamics dictate the multidisciplinary research needed to achieve the objectives of research. The AACI believes that there is a significant lack of empirical research in the associated fields of corruption. The AACI also believes that effective research results will be realized when stakeholders collaborate to facilitate conducting empirical research rather than funding mere research.


The AACI cooperates with several research centers and academic institutions in the U.S. and internationally while its activities are supervised by The AACI Research Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of The AACI Board of Advisors.


The language of our research is English.  We call on researchers who are interested in joining us to contact The AACI division at


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Reflections on Election Fraud and its Persistence in Modern Democracy


Rt. Hon Bruce George, Former President of the OSCE Parliament Assembly and Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

and Simon Kimber MSc


Epilogue by L. Burke Files DDP, CACM, President of The AACI (page 23).


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