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The AACI offers opinions and comments on a range of issues relating to anti-corruption, principally in the areas of internal control, due diligence, risk management, and governance. We welcome cooperating with reputable news portals and newspapers worldwide.


The First Interview with Mr. L. B. Files, president of The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI)


October 3, 2017























As The American Anti-Corruption Institute's (AACI) journey approached five years since launching its operations in late 2012, fraud and corruption scandals continued to make headlines. Though the Volkswagen Dieselgate costs exceeded $30bn to date, and Samsung's CEO will spend time in prison for corruption charges, the corporate world does not seem to be paying attention. Corruption removed several heads of states from power, in South Korea, Brazil, a senator in the United States, UN officials and Ambassadors and , EU officials.


Despite the setbacks, or maybe because of the exposure, the global political landscape became more determined than ever to fight graft. For the first time, the United States equated  the efforts of combating corruption to the fighting financing terrorism.


Fighting corruption has in fact, became a prerequisite to fighting financing terrorism. Amid the global turmoil of corruption, the media and public relations of The AACI met Mr. L. Burke Files, the president of The AACI, at its headquarter in Tempe, Arizona to discuss The AACI's global efforts in fighting corruption, among other relevant issues.  (You will find the complete interview when you click here)


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