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Membership of The AACI identifies you as a dedicated corruption fighter. Here are few good reasons why you should join today.



  • We give you knowledge and guidance through:

    1. A dedicated Online resource library where you can search and access documents and articles, including the latest AACI researches, white papers, and guidance as it is published

    2. A technical helpline to answer any fraud and corruption related questions you may have

    3. Our magazine the “Corruption Magazine” ®; a bi-annual magazine, delivered digitally twice a year*

    4. Our quarterly “Anti-Corruption Quarterly”®; a quarterly e-newsletter, packed with the latest professional guidance from the technical team**

    5. Our “Members Only” part of our website along with the latest jobs
  • Membership can enhance your professional reputation and development by:

    1. Giving you special savings on our market leading training courses, seminars and events

    2. Being part of a global network of management fighting fraud and corruption effectively and efficiently
  • You raise your profile and that of the profession by:

    1. Demonstrating your commitment to following The AACI’s Code of Ethics and International Best Corruption Fighting Practices

    2. Promoting the value of Fighting Corruption to all

    3. Demonstrating your professionalism to employers, clients ,and peers
  • AACI Premier - a lifestyle, travel and business benefits package, designed to save our members time and money.

    The AACI Premier provides members with a vast array of cost savings on everything from car and home insurance, hotels, holidays, gym membership, retail discounts, restaurant savings and much more.  (Coming Soon)


If you have any questions a bout The AACI membership benefits, contact us and someone from the membership team will be in touch, or you can telephone (602) -235- 0956.


* starting  October 30, 2019

** Starting  August 1, 2019

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