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Mass Traditional Training (MTT)


The AACI approved conducting “Mass Traditional Training” (MTT) to:


  1. Expedite implementing anti-corruption awareness programs in an entity, business sector, or country.

  2. Meet special regional economic needs.

  3. Achieve maximum impact.

  4. Support academia, developing countries, and anti-corruption research.


MTT is not available in countries classified as high-income countries by The World Bank Group.


MTT is an exception regarding the number of delegates attending a workshop and price a delegate pays to enroll in it. For such training setting, The AACI departs from its internal policy where maximum delegates do not exceed 20 in one workshop / program.


The AACI encourages interested parties to have enrollments equal to or exceed 100 (One Hundred). The AACI accepts to have up to 50 (Fifty) delegates in one program. The retail price per delegate must not exceed USD 500 (USD Five Hundred). If there is not a regional or local exclusive approved vendor of The AACI, interested parties can directly contract with The AACI to deliver any of its programs / workshops.


Program Parameters


  1. Duration: Two days @ 8 hours per day

  2. Maximum retail prices charged to a delegate: USD 500 ( USD Five Hundred)

  3. Number of Delegates  per workshop / program: Max. 50

  4. Program Fee : Contact The AACI approved vendor in your country or email us . This fee covers the following:

    1. Expert(s) fee, travel, and lodging
    2. Program PowerPoint soft copy
    3. Certificate of attendance (subject to attending 80% of the workshop)
    4. Waiver of the first annual membership fee at The AACI (subject to the approval of the Certification Committee)
    5. Post-workshop Online test

  5. Duration of Completion: Max. 60 days. (Preferably)


Academic Institutions


When an academic institution implements MTT, 20% of the institution’s proceeds are allocated equally to The AACI’s student association and anti-corruption research at the institution.


All programs logistic, marketing, and printing costs are absorbed by the party responsible for the implementation; that is a strategic partner, exclusive approved vendor or academic institution.



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