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Mass Etraining


Starting September 1, 2016, The AACI offers its workshops / programs in a customized setting to meet the needs of its constituents and prospective clients worldwide. We literally convert the content of our classical expert-led workshop / program to a customized interactive Online video and audio content produced exclusively to interested parties.


Customized projects


We offer these programs as customized projects. Therefore, we do not offer them to the public. The entire process aims to meet specific interested party's anti-corruption needs. Such needs are quite different from another entity's needs. Internal and local culture, the tone set at the top by those charged with governance, and anti-corruption strategies are among the differences between entities. Most importantly, the success of our programs is quantifiable and would constitute a proper anti-corruption foundation to certify an entity.


Characteristics of Etraining programs


  1. Content

    1. ALL the classical expert-led program contents are covered

    2. Program / workshop contents are downloaded at the commencement of the program

    3. FIVE  half an hour each video recordings

    4. Each video recording is followed by 10 (ten) practice questions; a total of 50 practice questions

    5. By the end of the last video recording segment (the fifth one), there is a post-workshop Online test where a delegate who passes the test will be able to download her/his customized certificate of achievement

    6. A report listing all the delegates who sit for the final post-workshop Online test and their results

  2. Flexibility

    A delegate can complete the program / workshop at her/his own convenient time. You can complete the entire program using your smart mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. All that you need is just your access code and Internet connection.

  3. Technology

    We use the latest cutting-edge technologies to produce and deliver our Etraining programs

  4. Duration and availability

    It depends on the client's needs. The longer the period, the higher the price. However, we do not prefer to host a program for more than one fiscal year.

  5. Affordability

    Etraining is much more affordable compared with our classical expert-led programs. The average cost per delegate would likely be less than USD 125. This includes all kinds of costs. The higher the number of delegates, the lower the average cost per delegate. However, the more customization a client needs, the higher the average cost per delegate.

  6. Language

    English; Arabic; English and Arabic, and French

  7. Hosting of workshop / program

    All our programs are hosted at third party platforms. We do not host them on clients' servers.

  8. Capacity

    We can accommodate up to 12,000 concurrent delegates for one Etraining workshop / program


Target parties


    1. Medium-sized and large entities (public, private, or NGOs)

    2. Government institutions (i.e., ministries, anti-corruption commission, municipalities, state audit bureau)

    3. Financial institutions

    4. Academic institutions


Institutional change


Our Etraining workshop / training programs are considered instrumental in bringing about institutional change at the national level.


For more information, please contact our exclusive approved vendor in your country or email us.



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