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In-House Bespoke Training


The AACI provides in-house bespoke training to organizations that wish to place 15+ delegates onto a program. The AACI experts have worked with many organizations throughout the world in developing anti-corruption knowledge and skills of their management and staffs.


Benefits of in-house training include:


  1. PRE - WORKSHOP ONLINE TEST (OPTIONAL) - Your delegates may sit for the CPMT.

  2. POST - WORKSHOP ONLINE TEST (OPTIONAL) - Your delegates may sit for the Post - Workshop Online test. On October 1, 2014, The AACI started to offer the post-workshop Online test for each of its workshop / training programs. Effectively from January 1, 2015, The AACI does not accept a CPE obtained through any workshop / training program offered by The AACI unless it is evidenced by the post-workshop Online test PASS certificate.

  3. QUALITY - We pride ourselves on the quality of the training programs we provide to our clients. All our programs are quality assured by the AACI Quality Advisory Committee; a subcommittee of The AACI Board of Advisors.

  4. FLEXIBILITY and CUSTOMIZATION - We can include examples and processes unique to your organization, tailoring the training program to meet your specific requirements.

  5. EXPERIENCED EXPERTS – Our experts present hundreds of programs per year in a range of countries and regions including the U.S., Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Africa, Bahamas and Europe. All The AACI experts possess the dual quality of practical industry expertise and excellent communication skills.

  6. COST - The cost of the in-house training program depends on the number of attendees, venue, and the degree to which we are required to develop a new program but you will save a significant amount compared with the public program fee.

  7. DISCOUNT ON THE AACI MEMBERSHIP Annual Dues – Management and staffs of the organization will get 10% discount off The AACI membership annual dues during the calendar year in which the organization has the in-house training program.


In-House Training Conditions


  1. Your organization will provide the venue, any audio-visual equipment, and refreshments. A microphone will be needed if there are over 40 delegates.

  2. You will notify us of the expected number of delegates attending at least two weeks before the event.

  3. In-house training programs are normally operated on the basis that 15 – 25 delegates will attend.


Please read The AACI Training Terms and Conditions


We would be delighted to have the opportunity of discussing the benefits of in-house training with your organization, either face to face, email, Skype, or by telephone in the first instance. For further information, please  fill this form or contact us at



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