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The First Anti-Corruption Case Contest at Qatar University:

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In May 2015, The AACI conducted an anti-corruption case contest at Qatar University, Doha - Qatar.  This is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa. The AACI’s Student Association engagement was exemplary.


We will be offering the anti-corruption case contest in each semester at Qatar University. Moreover, we will expand its scope and the pool of participants.


On December 17,2013, The AACI and Qatar University signed a general agreement to empower the role of academia in fighting corruption. The agreement calls for, among other things, conducting anti-corruption empirical researches and launching local innovative anti-corruption initiatives.


The AACI works with many universities worldwide.  We negotiate similar cooperation with several premier and leading universities in the Middle East and Africa.


Our members can access the anti-corruption case studies and contests for academic purposes when they click here.


The Second Anti-Corruption Case Contest at Qatar University: VW Diesel Gate ©


More info is presented in this Slate presentation.



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