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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements


Once you become a CACM, you must complete 30 hours of continuing professional education each calendar year, including a minimum of three hours in the area of ethics. Since CPE hours reported are verified on a random basis, you should keep CPE certificates and other supporting documents for a minimum of three years.


On October 1, 2014, the AACI started to offer post-workshop Online test for each of its workshop / training programs.


Effectively from January 1, 2015, The AACI does not accept a CPE obtained through any workshop / training program  offered by the AACI unless it is evidenced by the post-workshop Online test PASS certificate.


Continuing Professional Education Requirements and Rules


CPE Courses and Events


The AACI and its exclusive approved vendors worldwide offer a variety of programs uniquely tailored for professional development of CACMs.


For more information on the AACI’s CPE programs, visit these parts of our website:


Training and Events – Workshop and training programs offered by the AACI (Only in the USA) and exclusive approved vendors outside the USA.


Free CPEs (Access is restricted to CACM members): A CACM can obtain free CPEs when ;for example, (s)he:


  1. Passes Online test(s) i.e. CPMT
  2. Read relevant material and pass its Online test(s)


Starting September 1, 2016, CACM members are able to have all our products listed at the membership portal for FREE.


If you have any questions a bout AACI membership benefits, contact us and someone from the membership team will be in touch, alternately you can telephone (602) -235- 0956.

  • Maintain Your Credential

    1. Continue your membership at the AACI

    2. Pay the CACM membership fee

    3. Fulfill your annual CPE requirement


    Maintaining the Value of the CACM


    The AACI uses the CACM membership fee to promote the CACM program, increase brand awareness in the marketplace, and thereby enhance the value of CACM. CACM membership fee covers, among other things, the administrative costs of maintaining the AACI certification process.


    A member status at the AACI is always a public record.


    Maintaining the CACM credential distinguishes CACMs as CACM members of the AACI.

  • Promote Your Credential

    Maximize The Recognition of Your CACM Credential


    1. Include the CACM designation on your business card and business correspondence.

    2. Inform your supervisor and Human Resources Department that you have earned the CACM. To have a confirmation of your CACM sent to your employer, contact

    3. If your organization’s Human Resources Department is not familiar with the CACM certification program, direct them to this website.

    4. Become an active member of the CACM community by participating in the CACM social networks and staying current with the AACI  “Anti-Corruption Quarterly”®  electronic newsletter.

    5. Participate in the AACI research projects. The AACI welcome your ideas and insights regarding research in the fields that are directly related to fighting corruption.

    6. Publish your white paper or research paper with the AACI.

  • Educate and Inform

    Spread the word about the CACM – and its value as the global standard credential for management and those charged with governance – by sharing with your colleagues some facts about the CACM certification program.


    1. The CACM is a management professional certification specifically designed to equip management and those charged with governance with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are especially relevant for preventing corruption in a business environment.

    2. The CACM certification program promotes mastery of fraud and corruption prevention, deterrence, and detection, internal control, corporate governance, anti-corruption ,strategic management, and corruption-related decision support through a rigorous curriculum and an extensive exam process.

    3. Compliance with the AACI Code of Ethics is a requirement for maintaining the CACM credential.

    4. CACMs hold key management positions–all the way up to the C-Suite – in a wide range of organizations, including multinational corporations, private firms, academic institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.


Training and Events


CACM Review








Self Study


Online Self Study


Approved Vendors


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