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Anti-Corruption Certification Learning Programs


The AACI and in cooperation with its Exam Unit develop anti-corruption certification programs. These programs are innovative in content, design, and delivery. Conducted in selected EU countries and the U.S., the primary objective of these programs is enhancing the anti-corruption intelligence of the board members: the target of these programs. Attendance is usually "by invitation."


Anti-Corruption Intelligence


The AACI coined it to mean the minimum, optimum knowledge a decision maker should have to avoid fraud and corruption intelligently. Such knowledge includes the proper blend of due diligence, internal control, anti-corruption, governance, decision making, process auditing (from a management perspective and duties) to avoid anti-corruption and fraud.


By avoidance, we emphasize the concept of deterrence and prevention. Corruption prevention is less expensive and better than any cure.



Four days@ six hours a day.




  1. Structured brainstorming sessions accompanied by daily case study, critical thinking and analysis and online practice questions.

  2. On the last day, attendees sit for online learning exam. It lasts for one hour.



Intensive coverage of significant and several anti-corruption issues that requires dedication and engagement.


Two Certificates


  1. Certificate of Educational Achievement

  2. Certificate of Passing the Anti-Corruption Certification Program




Due to the scope of the topics covered in these programs, The AACI makes sure that more than one of its experts participate in the delivery process.


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Self Study


Online Self Study


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