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The AACI is committed to play a proactive role in the academia to prevent corruption methodically and innovatively through each of the following:


  1. Encouraging teaching anti-corruption courses and seminars for undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

  2. Cooperating and collaborating with academic institutions and research centers to conduct empirical research.

  3. Establishing The AACI's Students Association at universities.

  4. Cooperating and collaborating with universities to

    1. Launch local innovative anti-corruption initiatives. Members of the AACI's Students Association usually play a central role in such local initiatives.

    2. Design, offer, and deliver anti-corruption courses. The AACI usually participates in the delivery process when a course is offered in a team teaching setting.

    3. Conduct international conferences.

  5. Present lectures to faculty and students.


The AACI currently works on innovative initiatives along and in a direct coordination with highly reputable US academic institutions to support the above  approach.


The AACI does not usually charge for its services delivered to non-profit universities. (see our news)


Driven by a vision, we identified the real needs academic institutions should satisfy to engage effectively in fighting corruption. We are currently amid innovation and change in more than one continent. Our impact would always be globally.


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